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How do you take the word motivation implies in your life?

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First, we must understand motivation and how it works in someone’s personal life. Motivation or inspiration is a word derived from the motive that provides a person’s needs, wishes, or urges. It is a procedure that includes and stimulates someone to act in a manner. In business, motivation applies to employees to achieve the best of their credentials.

Types of motivation

There are many types of motivation, but we discussed a few that had used in daily matters.

Three types of motivation

  • Extrinsic
  • Intrinsic
  • Family

Extrinsic Motivation

In simple words, extrinsic means accomplishing an action or avoiding a particular result. Most of the things you do in a day are extrinsically motivated. For example, you are doing something to enjoy your day rather than going to work, but you are motivated to go to work because you have to pay your daily expenses. It includes external factors, which is why it’s called extrinsic motivation.

Intrinsic Motivation

Doing something for ourselves or its own sake, you are motivated to do it for yourself only. You are participating in a sports gala at your school because it is the fun and enjoyable activity you are encouraged to enjoy instead done doing it to win an award.

Family motivation

It has mixed extrinsic and intrinsic motivation, and family motivation relates to the wish to expand the effort to benefit’s household. A student motivated by the family to get an education for their career. The family also encourages you in your business because they depend on you, and you must fulfill their needs.

The person who has changed your thoughts and life

Motivation plays an essential role in our society because it serves as the ambitious power behind our conclusion and priority. Staying motivated is vital to assisting us in reaching our destinations and keeping motivated to perform well in all aspects of life.

Elon Musk is an exceptional example of the motivating passion of hard work and dedication. He has succeeded in numerous industries, including aerospace, tesla, Twitter, and many more. His work boosted innumerable individuals worldwide, facilitating them to strive towards acquiring their goals and dreams. If you are motivated by the example of these ambitious people, it is probable to turn any dream into reality.

How it works in practical life

When you are anxious, and every mission and goal you set goes down, you cannot achieve success. Don’t let your morale down. There are ups and down in everyone’s life. We can learn from Elon Musk’s life. He is an inspiration for those who are demotivated by the dire circumstances of life.

By enduring motivation from his life, we comprehend that success comes with hard work, belief, and faithfulness.

Summary of Motivation

In conclusion, self-motivation directs a person on the way to success. Never lose hope and be motivated your self to achieve something. Elon Musk, who is the creator of Paypal, in 1999 Paypal was voted the worst business idea of that year. He and his partner work on more instead being demotivated. In 2022 this company started recognition in the world.

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