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How to send an email to a teacher?

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Writing an email is easy, but when it comes to sending an email to a faculty member, you have to use several formal techniques to avoid losing face. But before showing you an example of an email to a teacher, and revealing the techniques to achieve it, we want to remind you of something fundamental.

Throughout your Middle Grade and Higher Grade studies, you will need to write a few emails to a professor. At any time you can screw up, and not make a good impression if you do not know the appropriate formalities to address them. And it is that organization is key in all aspects of the student’s life: either learning to manage your time to study or planning your tasks.

make sure it is necessary

Teachers, in addition to teaching in your group and others, also carry out other functions such as work in the public or private sphere and have a personal life, therefore the emails you send must be necessary since they are not They are running out of time and they have to answer to the rest of your classmates. For this reason, it is essential that before sending an email you make sure that your doubts cannot be resolved in other ways, for example: by reading the study plan, consulting the subject’s evaluation method, or looking at the calendars and timetables.

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The email must be specific

When you write the email, explain yourself clearly and summarize in as little space as possible. Get to the point, present your arguments, questions, and doubts simply, and do not get especially creative, since what you want to transmit is a specific message and it is not about writing literature. Of course and very importantly, take care of the accentuation, writing, and spelling mistakes, it may be the first impression the teacher receives of you.

write formally

The email should always start with an appropriate greeting, such as Dear teacher or dear teacher. This is a very suitable formalism and we can accompany you to make your last name more correct, although it is not always necessary.

The next step will consist of identifying ourselves, although we have already contacted him on other occasions, we should not assume that he knows who we are. Therefore, we must not only put the name and surname, but also the degree to which we belong and the name of the subject that we are taught. 

Depending on the trust or closeness you have with him, you should address him as -you- or -usted-, although we recommend that you always do it as you. 

Check before sending

Before sending the email, review it until you see that everything is correct and complies with the indications that we have mentioned above. Commonly, words are written that should not go in that place or that we miss a spelling mistake. 

Remember that it is a formal email and that there should be no writing or spelling errors, it may be the first impression a teacher has of you.

Example email to a teacher: sample

Dear teacher,

My name is Lucía Valerón Pérez and I am a student of yours in the patient care subject of first A of the Higher Degree in Radiotherapy and Dosimetry.

Then write the body of the message following the guidelines that we have told you throughout the post. It must be clear, concise, formal, and address your teacher. 

Lastly, you will say goodbye thanking them for their understanding and thanking them for answering the query made: I appreciate their understanding and I look forward to receiving their response. Thank you so much.

A cordial greeting,

Lucia Valeron.

Now you know how you can address your teachers correctly. Save this post and pay close attention to it throughout the course because you will surely need it more than once. 

Our teaching team believes that accompanying students is essential to enhance their talent. Throughout the course, they will always be available to answer any questions in search of your excellent academic training. Or, if you prefer to call us, on this contact page you will find the telephone numbers of our institutes.

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