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Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Toor Lockbox review that after Sharks Tank

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Toor Lockbox is now an increasingly popular choice for homeowners. They must provide access to their residences for different reasons, like for housekeepers, guests, and even in the event of an emergency. But the old lockboxes are not sufficient to satisfy the demands of today’s technologically advanced and secure society.

While some homeowners may opt to hide keys in odd locations, the rise in smart home technology has offered the prospect of more advanced solutions. A new lockbox is being developed in vacant homes, which is devoid of the ability to connect via mobile and modern security features, and it might not be able to meet the demands of modern times.

The smart lockbox from Toor streamlines the process of searching for a house. It lets you access your property via the mobile application. The Toor Lockbox provides a secure and efficient alternative to traditional methods of giving keys. Realtors and homeowners can cut down on time and money by using the lockbox. Toor could transform the real estate market.

How a Junior Designer turned into a Business Opportunity through toor Lockbox

Junior Desinor obtained his real estate license in the year 2008. He quickly became one of the youngest agents in the state. Then, he spent two years at Keller Williams Realty, Inc. before starting Level Properties, his personal real estate business, Level Properties. The company is currently operational and, in 2013 it surpassed 100 million dollars in property sales under Junior’s direction.

Junior Desinor was the founder of Toor Lockbox. He was a guest on the cult television program Shark Tank in an attempt to get funding for his service. Although he wasn’t able to negotiate an agreement with the show’s financiers, Kevin O’Leary and Barbara Corcoran. The exposure did increase awareness about Toor and its potential advantages.

Sharks awed by the Junior Toor Prices and Timings for Toor Lockbox

Junior’s lockbox is expected to retail for $199 at the time of launch. It will require a monitoring fee of $100 per month, after a successful Kickstarter campaign. The sharks did not show much enthusiasm regarding the price the sharks were not thrilled, with guests shark Chris Sacca even going so as to say that the technology was old-fashioned.

In the meantime, Barbara, founder of The Corcoran Real Estate Group was of the opinion that the product was ineffective. Lori decided that Junior was a little too in the early days, which led her to decide to exit.

Kevin Offer to Junior and Barbara’s Contingency for Partnership

Kevin made his offer to Junior however, Kevin was of the opinion that Junior was overvaluing his business. In conditions of his deal, Junior would receive $100,000 in exchange for an equity stake of 10% in the business. The remaining $400,000 will be given as a loan with interest at 18 percent.

While Mark Cuban declined to participate in the transaction. Barbara indicated an interest in joining together with Kevin however, only under the condition that the company sold its products for sale to bigger real estate companies.

After, Junior offered a counteroffer of $250,000 in exchange for 10% equity, and the remaining 50 percent as a line credit. Barbara and Kevin discussed the matter with Junior and finally agreed to different conditions.

The final agreement involved Junior receiving $200,000 for the right to hold 10% of the equity in the firm. However, the rest of the $300,000 was redeemed as loans.

Information on Junior’s Agreement with the Sharks and ongoing relationship With Barbara

Despite having secured a substantial amount of money, however, viewers watching the show could be wondering about the relationship between Junior and the sharks. It turns out that Junior turned down the initial offer from the sharks. The parties could not agree on a final deal. But, Junior says that he is still in contact with Barbara and maintains a close relationship with Barbara.

Pros and Cons of Toor Lockbox


Flexible use, user-friendly app Pay-professional features Color options, long-lasting with natural elements.


The app could result in the profiling of users but it is not waterproof.

The final thoughts

It’s a great option to keep valuable items in a safe place while traveling. Made from strong steel, they can stand up to extreme weather conditions and are compact enough to take with you.

These boxes are especially helpful to real estate professionals that need to safeguard house keys and important documents. It’s crucial to remember there is no way to make a lock inaccessible. It’s important to choose a reliable combination code. While Toor lockboxes provide a practical and safe solution but it’s essential to use them safely and cautiously. They are, in general, useful for keeping valuables secure while on the move.


Does the Toor Lockbox work?

As per the Shark Tank Blog recap, the agreement that was signed between Toor Barbara Corcoran, and Kevin O’Leary on Shark Tank did not close. At the time of writing, January 20, 2023, the show isn’t available for purchase.

When was Toor on Shark Tank?

Junior Desinor appeared on Shark Tank in Season 8 Episode 8 in which he presented his innovative locks, Toor. He was looking for an investment of $500,000 to purchase a 10 percent equity stake in his business.

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