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After your mug has baked

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Paint comes off easily. You can try to make it stick to the mug with wax, but that doesn’t always work. That is why you need to bake your mug. You can bake a mug at home or you can use a commercial product that has baking properties.

Make sure that you only use baking sheets that are made of aluminum, stainless steel or silicone. Baking sheets made of glass or granite may crack during the baking process. After your mug has baked, you will need to rinse it off. Rinse it under running water. It is a good idea to use paper towels to dry your mug. If you leave the mug in the sink, you could end up spreading Mugs Set bacteria around the house.

This is especially true if you are washing dishes right after baking your mug. If you have trouble cleaning off your mug, you can use soap and water. Soap will remove the baked-on paint, but you will need to clean it more carefully than just rinsing it off.

Some soaps contain suds, which can cause the paint to flake off. Make sure that you do not use hot water on the baking mug. You could end up burning the mug if you use it too much or if you use the wrong type of heat.

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