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How much does an astronaut earn to work at Elon Musk’s NASA or SpaceX?

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They are the most privileged people in the world. Or, at least, that’s what millions of people throughout humanity think. The dream of the human being has always been to fly and visit the stars. These people do it… and in exchange for money.

If your dream is to work for NASA or SpaceX – Elon Musk ‘s aerospace company – as an astronaut, the first thing you need to know is how much is charged for risking your life in each launch into space. Today we clear your doubts.

Astronauts‘ salaries depend on several factors, such as their experience, rank, and the specific agency they work for. But, despite the changes in the final amount, we can tell you right away that it is one of the best paid professions in the world.

The base salary of astronauts is currently around $100,000 per year or more , and that’s without counting the bonuses, the compensation for launching into space and other clauses that they usually have. The final stud can be 3 to 4 times larger than the base.

Astronauts working for private companies like SpaceX earn even more than those at NASA . In general, it can be said that astronauts are well compensated for their knowledge and experience.



NASA astronaut salary

According to Glassdoor estimates , the starting salary for a beginning astronaut is around $100,000 per year. With more experience and responsibility, this figure can increase considerably. For example, if you have a flight or spend months on the ISS .

Astronauts with more than ten years of experience can earn a six-figure salary, while astronauts in management positions at NASA can earn as much as $300,000 a year.

Such an exciting job comes with incredible benefits and various incentives, such as training opportunities, paid time off, health coverage, and retirement benefits. These issues are really important in the United States.

Astronaut salary at SpaceX

SpaceX is one of the world’s leading private space exploration companies. His missions to the Moon and beyond have managed to attract the attention of all those who look with desire at the stars. Elon Musk’s goal is to create a human colony on Mars .

SpaceX offers a starting salary that can range between $120,000 and $200,000 depending on the level of experience and other factors , so we can say that they pay better than NASA, although the status given by the American Agency cannot be matched.

How much were the first astronauts paid?

The first astronauts to travel in space were some of the most highly trained and qualified professionals in the world. As such, they received generous compensation for their work.

In 1962, the starting salary for an astronaut at NASA was between $8,330 and $12,770 per year , depending on their level of experience. This was more than double the median salary at the time. This meant that the first astronauts earned more than the current $100,000.

Given the risks involved in spaceflight, it is not surprising that NASA was willing to pay big bucks to attract the best and brightest pilots into its ranks. And wages have risen considerably since those early days.

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