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How to find the keywords or keywords for your business?

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It is well known that any digital marketing project that is carried out for a brand/company requires an initial analysis of the keywords that represent it or those that are usually searched for.

When carrying out an SEM or Social Ads campaign, when carrying out a CONTENT STRATEGY, either through the blog or through landing pages to capture leads, when carrying out an On-page SEO strategy, all of these actions require a prior analysis of these necessary and useful keywords.

To find these keywords, the first thing is to talk to the client so that they inform us of the keywords they use in the sector, the categories of products and services they represent, as well as what their business and marketing objectives are. .

In a second place, we must carry out a little research on the internet about the sector and the business that concerns us. Undoubtedly, researching the competition will give us many insights in this regard. There are many tools to investigate the competition, which we will cite and discuss in future posts.

But, how to get keyword ideas that represent the business / brand we want to position?

With the Semrush platform we can access the Keyword Magis Tool section and, from a seed word, obtain many other words of interest with a long tail approach. Remember that “the greater the long tail”, there is a lower volume of searches, but they are usually more profitable because it is a more qualified and better quality traffic. From this same platform we can audit the web pages of the competition and analyze the keywords for which they position.

Another way to obtain long-tail keywords is to search in the Google Autosuggest search engine itself . You enter the term and a list of words will appear just below the search engine. It’s a great way to get some Business Keywords ideas. It is a basic tool to create long-tail content through the blog.

Don’t forget to use the Answer the public platform . You just have to enter the keyword and it will suggest content ideas.

We also have a great tool like Keywords tool io that will also help us find the keywords / long tail search keywords . It doesn’t give you the search volume, but you export it in an excel sheet and analyze it in semrush.

Not to mention the  Google Ads keyword planner tool would not complete the excellence in the search for words for SEO positioning or the management of advertising campaigns. Through the keyword planner you can search for new keywords or check the search volume and forecasts.

Using Google Trends to see Google search trends and to show us the most popular search terms from the recent past is another interesting option.

We must also visit the Amazon best sellers to find out the demand for certain products, in the event that the brand or company that we are positioning may be being searched for in these marketplaces . Undoubtedly, another strategy for the selection of keywords of interest.

Another tool that will help us in our SEO strategy is Ubersuggest . You can enter a keyword or a domain and start analyzing and selecting whatever is of strategic interest to you.

Of course, reading industry and competitor blogs, as well as analyzing user comments and top sections, can give us ideas for our SEO strategy.

We will continue investigating possible tools that help us, in the search for short, medium and long tail words to optimize the search engine positioning of our brand.

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