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Public speaking. The fear of many, the joy of few. Is it really necessary for me to have public speaking skills?

We understand perfectly, but it becomes easier if you think about it in another way. Why not ask how to become a better speaker, how to master different Public speaking skills, how to be a more confident speaker, and finally, which English school in Santa Monica can I study to do? Where there is desire, there are no excuses.

What skills are necessary to speak in public?

When it comes to public speaking, you’ll be surprised at how many skills there are and how many you have to master. Even the California Department of Education highly values ​​the presentation skills of its students. Ok, let us help you out by listing the most important points, but don’t be discouraged as it sounds more daunting than it really is.

  • Verbal Communication – As you may have guessed, knowing how to speak clearly and concisely is the most important presentation skill to master.
  • Presentation – You have to connect with your audience, that is, you have to know all the little tricks of the trade, like pauses in speech and body language.
  • Leadership – You have to be in command of the audience, not the other way around.
  • Humor – Nobody likes to listen to a boring presentation. Mixing your speech with a bit of humor helps keep your audience entertained.
  • Visual Communication – No oral presentation feels complete without some visual aids to complement it. So make sure that the visual aspect of your presentation is just as entertaining as the oral part.
  • Awareness – We all have weaknesses, even the best presenters. Play to your strengths and avoid falling prey to your weaknesses.
  • Adaptability –  No matter when you’ve practiced, and no matter how confident you feel, unforeseen circumstances always arise. Try to prepare for any inconvenience.

How can I improve my presentation?

Okay, so you feel like you’ve mastered the basic presentation skills, but now you want to polish up the details? Great, then it means that you are improving and want to improve even more. So here are our top tips for giving flawless presentations.

  • Passion – Let the audience see how passionate you are about the topic you are presenting. It will inspire you.
  • Approach – Every audience is different and every presentation is too. Focus on the needs of your current audience and gently steer the presentation in that direction.
  • Simplicity – Never overdo it. Keep your presentation simple and straightforward.
  • Happiness – Smile and show your audience how happy you are to be there presenting. This will relax and intrigue them.
  • Strength –  The most important part of the presentation is the beginning, so make sure you make a very good first impression.
  • Narration – Tell a funny story and watch the audience become intrigued and pay more attention to you.
  • Ease – Try to be as relaxed as possible and we make sure your presentation runs smoothly.

How to practice my presentation skills?

When it comes to practicing your presentation skills, there are a few methods that always get results. Here are five confirmed methods for you to practice. Trust us, they really work.

  • Practice – Well yes. Practice and do it in front of a mirror. This way you can observe your facial expression and body language.
  • Take Note – Whenever you feel like you’ve made a mistake, stop and take note of them. Later when you’re done practicing, read your notes so you know what to pay attention to.
  • Experiment – The comfort zone is still very boring. For you and for the public. So from time to time try to add a new touch to your presentation, just to keep it fresh.
  • Synchronization –  Nobody likes when a presentation lasts too long. So prevent this from happening. Time yourself each time you practice until the duration is just right.
  • Recording – By hearing yourself speak, you can judge your speed, pronunciation, pitch and inflection. And if something is not to your liking, you can change it.

No one can help me practice my presentation skills.

Well, you’re in luck, because the ideal place exists. College of English Language is the best English academy in Santa Monica and the teachers are trained to help you be a better speaker. If you want to speak in public with more confidence, contact us today.

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